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Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...

Remember that line from Mission Impossible? “Your mission, should you choose to accept it…this tape will self-destruct in ten seconds.” While our own missions may not be quite so dramatic, all of us, whether hair stylists, school leaders, or stay at home parents, have a mission and how we approach our mission is what it’s all about.

Recently, I was getting a haircut and the stylist, who now owns her own salon, had a class of cosmetology students visit her. As she addressed the students, my attention was immediately caught by her words and passion as she discussed what she looked for in stylists. She started with the mission of her salon, which she clearly articulated and even had printed on a prepared handout that began with her “mission statement.” While Nicole has never had formalized leadership training like that of a school principal, I was so impressed with her innate knowledge of the importance of mission, and pride in how her salon performs that mission. Afterwards, she and I discussed the value of mission. If all us in schools approached our mission with the determination I saw in the salon owner that day, what could our schools accomplish? In fact, what could our schools not accomplish?

Do you often stop and reflect on your mission? In schools, it is paramount that regardless of the size or type of school, we reflect and remain focused on our mission to our school community. To be successful, in whatever we do, we must have a purpose and make decisions that are purposeful. To develop as leaders, we must make sure our teams are part of the focus on mission and that the focus includes all students and parents.

Mission focused leaders have a vision. As visionaries, we become transformational leaders who can exert a profound impact on our school community. Without a mission focus, our vocations become just jobs. Are you living your vocation or performing a job? Keeping focused on the mission and keeping it central to our decision making makes all of our missions possible!

Karen Jakuback, Ed.D.

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